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The Agribusiness Association of Australia gratefully acknowledges the support and contributions of our Publishing Partners.

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Department of Food Science and Agribusiness

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The Australian Agribusiness Review is a vehicle for the development of theoretical and applied disciplinary knowledge. The audience of the Review is intended to be people mainly and quite directly involved in developing and applying theoretical and practical agribusiness knowledge - specialists, theorizers and educators.

The Australian Agribusiness Review is a publication consisting of papers that are subject to Peer Review by the Editorial Network.

Agribusiness Perspective Papers are intended as a vehicle for information that is topical and practical, intended for a wide general readership, at all levels of the agribusiness value chain and are refereed by the Editors.

The OnLine Review and Perspectives are updated at regular intervals. It is one of our aims to reduce publishing lead time, ensuring that the interesting and valuable works published by the Association reach the widest possible audience as efficiently as possible.

The Association produces a CD-ROM of the Review and Perspective papers. The CD is produced at least once a year and will contain all of the OnLine papers published at the time the CD is produced. Progressively a library of pre 1997 Review papers will become available, both OnLine and on CD.

Please e-mail the Association to order a CD-ROM of the Australian Agribusiness Review and Perspectives.

Contributions to the Australian Agribusiness Review or the Agribusiness Perspectives are most welcome. If you are interested in contributing an Refereed Paper, a Forum Article, a Book Review or a Current Issue Paper, please contact the Managing Editors of the Agribusiness Review and Perspectives.

Associate Professor Bill Malcolm
The University of Melbourne
Dept of Food Science and Agribusiness
Telephone +(61) 3 93445015
Fax +(61) 3 93445570

Associate Professor Vic Wright
The University of New England
Dept of Marketing & Management
PO Box 66

Telephone +(61) 2 67721307

Dr Dennis O'Brien
The University of Melbourne
Head of Campus, Dookie

Dept of Food Science and Agribusiness
Telephone +(61) 3 58339252


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