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Land and Environment : Agribusiness Assoc. of Australia

Contents - 2007

Connections is refereed by Glenn Ronan and Bill Malcolm. The name reflects its origins, its intentions and the medium. It is a joint product of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) and The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Connections is an extension publication, connecting material in farm and agribusiness, in marketing and management, in environment and resources.

Pipes and Drains, Rabbits and Hats, Politicians and Promises

Lin Crase

La Trobe University

The topic of water and its relative scarcity in south-eastern Australia has officially assumed the status of ‘barbeque-stopper’. 

Water Markets and the Chimera of Price Distortions

Lin Crase

La Trobe University

The role of water markets is receiving increased attention following the Federal government’s $10 billion bid to assume management responsibility for the affairs of the Murray-Darling Basin. 


Bill Malcolm Glenn Ronan

Co-editor and
Associate Professor
School of Agr & Food Systems Faculty of Land and Food Resources
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia

Co-editor and
Principal Strategy Consultant, Corporate Strategy and Policy,
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia


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