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Connections: Farm, Food and Resource Issues

Connections is refereed by Glenn Ronan and Bill Malcolm. The name reflects its origins, its intentions and the medium. It is a joint product of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES) and The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Systems, The University of Melbourne.

Connections is an extension publication, connecting material in farm and agribusiness, in marketing and management, in environment and resources.

Connections - Autumn - 2005


Paper 38

Ross Kingwell, WA Dept of Agriculture & University of WA

Future Broadacre Farming Systems - a personal view

Broadacre farm businesses in Australia face several challenges.  Some of the challenges are direct and immediate such as unexpected pest or disease outbreaks, the vagaries of extreme weather or climatic events, or sudden shifts in input or output prices.  Some challenges are long in the making such as the cost-price squeeze, salinisation, soil acidification, rural de-population, herbicide resistant weeds and climate change.

Paper 39

Malcolm Bartholomaeus RDA  M Ec, MBA  MAICD

Callum Downs Commodity News, PO Box 54,  South Australia Ph (08) 88422781   Fax (08) 88423078Email

"The evolution in the wheat market has brought us to a point where growers are getting better value out of the single desk system of exporting wheat than ever before."

That was my closing comment at the 2004 ABARE National Outlook Conference.    I was not saying that the single desk system is the best system for organising wheat exports, or that AWB Ltd are doing a good job of managing the single desk, or that it could not be improved.  I was simply pointing out that the suite of products we now have to go alongside the wheat single desk, and its associated pool, make the system work as well as it has ever worked.



Glenn Ronan, Co-editor and Principal strategy Consultant, corporate Strategy and Policy, Primary Industries and Resources South Australia.

Bill Malcolm, Co-editor and Associate Professor, Faculty of Land and Food resources, The University of Melbourne, Victoria.



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