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Connections - Farm, Food and Resource Issues

  From the Editors

Contents - Autumn (May) 2002

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Keeping Eyes on the ball in the World Trade Cup

Ivan Roberts, Troy Podbury and Richard Perry
Whilst the new trade round presents opportunities for gains to be made, there are many threats to the achievement of such gains, and many issues being introduced into the agricultural trade policy debate that can divert focus from the main game.

Negotiating Wins for Australia in Agriculture

Allan McKinnon
Australia wants agriculture to be fully integrated into the WTO rules, but negotiators are under no illusions as to the enormity of the task.

Single Desk Selling and the NSW Grains Board Selling a Pup to the Public

Bob Farquharson and Garry Griffith
The single desk selling power of the NSW Grains Board is unlikely to generate any net public benefits.

Loving, Losing and Living with our Environment

David Pannell
When it comes to protecting the environment  love is not enough, nor is money! Case studies suggest that learning to live with degradation merits more consideration.

Social Trajectories for Rural Landscaping

Neil Barr
Trajectories indicates that the future pathway has already been determined to a fair extent (by social and other issues) - we are on it whether we appreciate its (social) importance or not!

Environmental Problems for Sale Who Bids?

Neil Byron, Gavan Dwyer and Deborah Peterson
Markets for environmental goods and services are no panacea for problems of environmental management but markets can help, if governments recognize their potential.

Competition Breaks Out! - The New Dairy Market In Transition

Steve Spencer
Market deregulation in 2000 forced industry restructuring. Now, sophisticated milk contracts, collective bargaining and price transparency are the mechanisms of competition in an evolving dairy market.


From the Editors

Thank you very much to those readers who were interested in our first edition and were encouraging about the publication.

We are coming to appreciate that there are several sources for Connections articles:

  • Contribution of extension style articles converted from agricultural economic and resource research papers (self-initiated or editor encouraged);

  • Editor invitation to people with recognised expertise on current issues;

  • Spotting of relevant and topical material meriting a wider audience than its initial forum of presentation.

If you are preparing, or are aware of others preparing relevant and topical material,  please contact us. We hope that you enjoy the second issue and encourage you to provide us with frank feedback.


Bill Malcolm Glenn Ronan
Co-editor and
Associate Professor
Institute of Land and Food Resources
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia
Co-editor and
Principal Strategy Consultant, Corporate Strategy and Policy,
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia