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Connections - Farm, Food and Resource Issues

Guidelines for authors


Essays should relate to current agricultural and resource economic issues. They may focus on policy and marketing, primary industries and resources, farm and agribusiness in rural and regional Australia.

The editors encourage articles that draw on economics and that make it possible for non-economists and lay people to connect with current issues in rural industries and agribusiness in Australia. Please avoid articles that focus on methodology.

Readers may be directed to references that discuss or explain methodology or treat the topic in greater detail or, if critical to the essay, a short explanation of a critical method or terminology could be put in an explanatory attachment for inclusion in a shaded box.


Articles should be of interest to people in agribusiness and government, educators and students of agricultural and resource economics and to anyone with an interest in contemporary economic issues about farm, food and agribusiness, primary industries and resources in regional Australia.


Essays should aim to be in the range 1200 to 2000 words (about 7-8 pages of double spaced type). Letters to the editors may be about half that length.


Try to offer a catchy title to attract interest, establish the relevance of the topic and engage the reader with a structured, easy-to-read style. Avoid jargon and minimise acronyms.


Use references to lead readers to articles in The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics or other sources of more in-depth, research material. We suggest that five or less references would be about right.


Graphs or tables may be used, but in keeping with the suggested length perhaps only one or two would fit.


The editors will seek comment and guidance from appropriate associate editor(s) in AARES and/or AAA. The editors may suggest changes to submitted copy and will provide authors with copy and achieve agreement with authors about changes prior to publication.


Send an electronic copy (email attachment) or hard copy and disk to:

The Editors
c/o Institute of Food Science and Agribusiness Land and Food Resources
University of Melbourne
Parkville, VICTORIA 3052

Telephone: 03 8344 5015
Fax: 03 8344 4665