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Land and Environment : Agribusiness Assoc. of Australia

Australasian Agribusiness Review

Australasian Agribusiness Review is for peer refereed academic research.

The University of Melbourne publishes the Online Australasian Agribusiness Review. The Australasian Agribusiness Review is the publication outlet and repository of received and new knowledge about agribusiness in an Australasian context. The Australasian Agribusiness Review aims to play the traditional role of the refereed academic journal in facilitating the necessary theoretical development of a subject area; in this case in the applied, interdisciplinary area of agricultural-related business activities. The Australasian Agribusiness Review is published continuously throughout the year and articles are subject to professional peer review by experts in the field. The audience of the Australasian Agribusiness Review is intended to be people mainly and quite directly involved in developing and applying theoretical and practical agribusiness knowledge.

Editorial criteria for publication in the Australasian Agribusiness Review is that articles make a contribution to knowledge which is judged to potentially be of an enduring nature. Such contribution to knowledge will be in the following areas:

    • Developments in agribusiness theory and analytical methodology
    • An innovative application of known theory and method to agribusiness questions
    • A survey or review of the state of development in agribusiness theory and methodology
    • A substantial and insightful survey or review of an agribusiness activity or industry which provides valuable new information about the state of, and prospects for, development of agribusiness activity or industry

Potential Australasian Agribusiness Review articles will be refereed by two recognised experts in the area, chosen by the Editors. The referees will make recommendations about whether or not to publish the article, and suggest changes which may improve the paper. The Editors will decide whether to accept the article, or a revised version of it, for publication. Articles published will have been scrutinized by two recognised expert referees, and by the Editors.

Contributions to the Australasian Agribusiness Review are welcome. If you are interested in contributing please contact the Managing Editor . The Editors also actively seek, and commission, Australasian Agribusiness Review material.

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