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Environmental Economics
September 2001 Utilising Water: Some Economic Issues
John Freebairn
September 2001 Land Degradation and Rehabilitation: A Policy Framework
Geoff Edwards & Neil Byron
September 2001 Public Funding for Environmental Issues: Where to Now?
David J. Pannell
September 2001 Investing in salinity management options in Victoria
Steve Beare
September 2001 New Directions in Environmental Policy -
Peter Bardsley, Vivek Chaudhri & Gary Stoneham
December 2001

New Knowledge Means New Approaches to Solving Dryland Salinity
Mike Read

May 2002

Environmental Problems for Sale – Who Bids? -
Neil Byron, Gavan Dwyer and Deborah Peterson

May 2002 Loving, Losing and Living with our Environment
David Pannell
December 2002 Anticipating the Next Level of Sophistication in Water Markets
Tim Cummins and Charles Thompson.

 Industry Development
May 2002 Competition Breaks Out! - The New Dairy Market In Transition
Steve Spencer
August 2002 Growing Pork Trade Enhances the Significance of Quarantine and Disease Status
Kathleen Plowman

December 2001 Expensive Lessons for Government and Rural Industry from the Wool Stockpile -
Bob Richardson

Policy Development
December 2001

Environmental Policy Implementation Challenged by some Land Management Realities - John Cary

December 2001

Dear Taxpayer, Send Money
Alistair Watson

December 2001 Harry Potter and the Pendulums of Perpetual Motion: Economic Policy Instruments for Environmental Management
David Pannell
May 2002

Single Desk Selling and the NSW Grains Board – Selling a Pup to the Public -
Bob Farquharson and Garry Griffith

August 2002

Impact of a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak on Australia
Herb Plunkett and Stuart Wilson

Resource Management
December 2001

Farmer Land Stewardship : A Pillar to Reinforce Natural Resource Management?  -
Jim Croswaithe

December 2001 Land Management and Asset Security
Ian Donges
August 2002 Triple Bottom Line Accounting: How Serious is it?
Steven Schilizzi
December 2002 Drought
John Freebairn

Rural Communities
May 2002 Social Trajectories for Rural Landscaping
Neil Barr
August 2002

Going on the land – and getting off it: farm incomes and farm adjustment
Neil Barr

December 2002 Prospects for Feeding the World and for Rural Landscapes
T. Fischer

May 2002

Keeping Eyes on the ball in the World Trade Cup -
 Ivan Roberts, Troy Podbury and Richard Perry

May 2002

Negotiating Wins for Australia in Agriculture
Allan McKinnon

August 2002 WTO Doha Round: the opportunity of a century to liberalise farm trade
Lyall Howard

Research and Development
August 2002

The ‘Domain’ for Levy-Funded Research and Extension: General Notions with Particular Applications to the Australian Dairy Industry
Julian Alston

December 2002 Quantitative Measures and Performance Indicators in the Agri-business Sector
Venton Cook