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Land and Environment : Agribusiness Assoc. of Australia

Contents - Winter (August) 2002


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Paper 15

The 'Domain' for Levy-Funded Research and Extension: General Notions with Particular Applications to the Australian Dairy Industry

Julian Alston
Deciding where best to invest agricultural research funds is quite a dilemma. 'In principle' reasoning helps.

Paper 16

Impact of a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak on Australia

Herb Plunkett and Stuart Wilson
An outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease would cost Australia a lot.....

Paper 17

Going on the land - and getting off it: farm incomes and farm adjustment

Neil Barr
Including some considerations from sociology and better understanding on how farm and rural business and communities interact could be helpful in the management of rural structural adjustment and natural resource challenges in regional Australia

Paper 18

Triple Bottom Line Accounting: How Serious is it?

Steven Schilizzi
At worst, triple bottom line accounting is a 'spin doctor's' exercise in public relations. At best it signals a genuine desire to perform well in all three areas. Causing adverse environmental and social impacts may lead to liabilities for a company - the technical challenge is to translate such contingent environmental and social liabilities into financial terms.

Paper 19

WTO Doha Round: the opportunity of a century to liberalise farm trade

Lyall Howard
Continuing high protectionism in agricultural world trade, with glacial rates of progress towards freer agricultural trade, need not necessarily be a permanent state of affairs.

Paper 20

Growing Pork Trade Enhances the Significance of Quarantine and Disease Status

Kathleen Plowman
Through the powerful alliance of good fortune and good management the Australian pork industry has expanded internationally in recent times. Though competition is fierce, the high quarantine status of the Australian Pigmeat Industry is an important source of competitive advantage.


Bill Malcolm Glenn Ronan
Co-editor and
Associate Professor
Institute of Land and Food Resources
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia
Co-editor and
Principal Strategy Consultant, Corporate Strategy and Policy,
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia


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