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Land and Environment : Agribusiness Assoc. of Australia

Agribusiness Review - Vol. 5 - 1997

Influential Factors of Agricultural Chemical Purchase

Paula Tidwell, Kim Watson, Daniel Pedersen
Paper 1


The purpose of this research was to identify the key factors in the decision making process that motivate end users to purchase a particular brand of agricultural chemical within a designated product category. The Australian cotton industry was selected as a suitable candidate due to both the high purchase frequency and total volume of agricultural chemicals utilised in the production of the crop. It is anticipated that the results from the research project will enable manufacturers to more accurately target advertising and promotional strategies to the needs of the end user. Maximising the effectiveness of advertising and promotion will generate demand for branded products from the field and minimise the ever increasing influence of agricultural distributors on buyer behaviour.

APEC: What's in it for Australian Agribusiness?

Peter White
Paper 2


Australia faces significant challenges in the 21 st century, particularly in relation to its continued economic development within the Asia–Pacific economy. Nations such as Australia, that are geographically isolated, have learnt that looking overseas for trade and investment opportunities is an important strategy to improve their balance of payments.

Paving the Way For Food Exporters

Paul Bourke
Paper 3

Festive Seasons in Asia: A Unique Marketing Opportunity

Kaye Crippen, Grant Vinning, Scott Vinning
Paper 4


Festive seasons and special ceremonial events are often important opportunities for marketing food and fiber/textile products in Asia. For the purposes of this paper, the three key festive seasons of Christmas, Chinese New Year, and Ramadan and Idul Fitri (Aidilfitri) are reviewed for market opportunities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This paper includes basic descriptions of each of these festive seasons and the special role of food and fiber products, and the implications for marketers.
The issues of universal product and marketing systems versus regionalisation or localisation of the product offering are important considerations in an era of rapid globalization. In marketing food and fiber, these issues can be important in tapping into markets in Asia.

The Investment Environment: Is Australian Agribusiness Getting the Support it Needs?

Don Mercer
Paper 5

The Australian Wine Industry Perspective

Brian Croser
Paper 6


When I last spoke at your conference in June 1993, I was President of the Winemakers Federation of Australia and it was just two months before Treasurer Dawkins and his government tried to impose a 60 per cent increase in sales tax (from 20 per cent to 32 per cent) on the Australian wine industry.
It was out of this adversity that the Australian wine industry forged even stronger unity and apart from winning a much lower and incrementally introduced tax, the Inquiry into the Winegrape and Wine Industry in Australia, which followed the fight, provided the need and means of putting together an industry vision to the year 2025.

Coordinated Citrus Marketing for International Competitiveness

Rick Edmonds
Paper 7


International competitiveness by the Australian horticultural industry is vital to its future success. Because of its small size compared to our global competitors, and because of increasing world production and trade, the Australian citrus industry must be more coordinated in its international marketing. Paper 8

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